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Trick or Treat Studios and Eric Pigors are proud are to present the official Toxictoons Wall Decor Collection, Series 1.

This amazing collection of wall decor comes with nine Toxictoons wall decor designs that incapsulate the true spirit of Halloween!

And what is a Toxictoon you ask? To quote Eric, "It's a cartoon character described as a nutty, scabbed, chicken-poxed, lilly-livered, stiched-up, bone-poppin' goofball with some sort of diabolical, disturbing dilemma in store!"

Each piece in this amazing collection of wall decor was drawn by Eric Pigors and was done in a vintage Halloween Wall Decor style, similar to the classic Halloween Wall Decor from the early 60's. All the Wall Decor in this collection is printed on thick 300gsm coated paper, perfect to reuse for many Halloween Parties to come.


Eric Pigors Toxictoons Wall Decor Series 1

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